Solutions - Sports Venues

Operating successful sports arenas and stadiums represents several visual and acoustical challenges for operators wishing to deliver optimised, fully branded experiences for both visitors and players. No longer is it enough for fans to come to a stadium or arena, sit in a seat and watch a game or other event. Venues need to deliver a compelling experience. New audio-visual (AV) technologies are the foundation of modern fan engagement. Fans want to be part of the event’s greatest moments. Via AV systems this is possible. Whether it is LED Walls, Digital Signage, High-Performance Sound Reinforcement, or Video Production, AV technology is the key to make any fan feel like they are right in the middle of the action. 

Sports Venues Case Studies

The Helsingborg Arena (Sweden)

The Helsingborg Arena (Sweden)

The Helsingborg Arena opened its doors late last year for the first of many sporting events to be hosted in the facility which cost in excess of 400m Swedish Krona (£40m). The arena was funded by the Henry and Gerda Dunker Foundation, established by the late businessman and philanthropist Henry Dunker, and employs a Crestron system to handle both the AV control and lighting systems – the first of its kind in any sporting venue across Europe.

The substantial AV system, encompassing both the lighting controls and HVAC, was installed by award-winning integrator, Fremlab AB, with programming on site provided by independent programmer, Niklas Olsson. The AV setup itself cost 12m SEK(upwards of £1m) and covers 21,000 square metres of floor space, including three gymnasiums, seating areas for up to 5,500 spectators and a number of foyers, bars and restaurants.