About the company

We are a pan-EMEA sales agency, dedicated to transforming the way organisations do business through the use of the latest technology. Our end-to-end solutions, which encompass collaboration technology, system control, IT, AV, managed services and asset management, create a more effective, streamlined, productive and flexible workplace for all types of organisations.

Our team of 120 passionate sales professionals operate in 11 countries across EMEA. Wherever you are in the region we would be delighted to advise you on how to embrace the best technology solutions for your clients and businesses. We will work with you to revolutionise the way you and your clients conduct meetings and help teams to make quicker and more informed business decisions. Our business has evolved from representing Crestron in EMEA as an exclusive distribution partner over the past 30 years to today’s sales agency for top technology brands. We are pleased to be utilising this considerable experience and know-how to represent other complementary brands, including the visually immersive, high performance collaboration solution Mezzanine from Oblong Industries, Inc.

Our focus is on selling technologies that work together to deliver the best possible solution for everyone involved. Across the EMEA region, TIG has a network of state-of-the-art Experience Centres that are the perfect showcase for our brands. There is no substitute for experiencing something yourself, so a visit to one of our centres gives you and your clients an opportunity to get hands-on with the technology and see how it works in person, in a real-world situation.