Crestron have carved the path for technological innovation since 1971. They engineer automation solutions for every market, from customisable luxury smart homes to scalable collaborative tools. All Crestron products are designed and built to work together as a complete eco system, enabling end-users to monitor, manage and control everything from one platform.

Here are just some of the reliable and easy-to-use solutions Crestron offer:

  • Control systems
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Lighting control
  • Collaborative technologies
  • GUI design software
  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Motorised shades
  • Home security systems
  • Speakers
  • Dynamic control surfaces

Crestron strive to be at the forefront of cutting-edge-technology, constantly offering faster, enhanced solutions that address the needs of customers worldwide.

Technological Innovations Group (TIG) are the exclusive sales agency for Crestron in EMEA. If you would like to find out more about their ground-breaking solutions arrange an appointment with our sales team.

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Crestron Residential Solutions


Smart homes come in all shapes, sizes, styles and preferences and with Crestron control there’s virtually nothing you can imagine that can’t be made a reality.

With Crestron’s extensive collection of intuitive control options, including sleek touch screens, handheld remotes and customisable keypads there is an elegant Crestron device to suit any home. Crestron’s latest operating system Crestron Home OS3 enables fast deployment, as no programming is required – truly revolutionising our dealers experiences (read more below).

The new Crestron remotes (HR-310 and TSR-310) provide advanced functionality, ergonomic button feel and voice control. Crestron’s brand-new Performance UI delivers a user experience like never before, it transforms and elevates standard UI actions with smooth, striking transitions, animations and icons.

Crestron lighting control and motorised shading solutions deliver precise, quiet, one-touch control of electric and natural light. Crestron’s shading solutions can be combined with advanced entertainment, climate and security controls enabling end-users to control everything in their home at any time, from anywhere via elegant touchscreens or their own smart devices.

Crestron OS 3

User experience is at the core of OS 3, the latest operating system for Crestron Home. OS 3’s premier hardware combined with its sleek and stylish interface and the ability to control multiple properties remotely, ensures that homeowners are always in control. OS 3 is completely customisable; homeowners are able to identify their favourite rooms and add photographs to represent an area within the property.

The highly dynamic OS 3 interface allows users to see transitions occur when settings are changed e.g. room temperature. Additionally, the platform supports thousands of third-party devices including Apple TV and Sonos speakers. Homeowners can access their Sonos playlists directly through the OS 3 app, once again ensuring that the user experience is second to none.

With OS 3 no programming is needed, new devices on the network are detected automatically guaranteeing that deployment is quick and easy on every project, irrespective of size.

Crestron CP4-R

The CP4-R is a secure, high performance control processor and interface for use with Crestron Home OS 3. The processor is able to control home automation including lighting, HVAC and shading, home cinemas, multiple video ports and multi-dwelling applications. The processor is equipped with a 4-series multicore CPU processor handling the demands of an advanced home automation system at remarkable speed.

The CP4-R enables OS 3 to integrate with a variety of audio, video, lighting, shading, thermostats, door locks, sensors and other equipment. The entire system is controlled via the Crestron Home app and on Crestron touch screens, keypads, remotes and lighting controls installed throughout the home.

OS 3’s configuration settings are stored on the CP4-R and backed up in the cloud ensuring reliable operation and secure remote support capability.


Crestron’s Commercial & Education solutions


Crestron designs and engineers best-in-class hardware and software to work together as a single solution. Built on standard infrastructure, their technology is easy to install and use, scalable, repeatable and manageable. Crestron is able to meet any commercial or educational requirement from meeting and huddle spaces to room scheduling and wireless presentation software.

Crestron’s Flex solutions provide unified communications and collaboration for the modern workplace, with native support for the most popular third-party UC platforms (Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom). Crestron Flex is available in several forms, but all bring the same consistent user experience, regardless of the type of space in which they are deployed. (Read more below)

Crestron’s wireless presentation system AirMedia, is perfect for education and commercial applications. The solution allows students or employees to present from anywhere in the room via their laptops or smart devices which connect easily to the room display.

Crestron NVX

DigitalMedia NVX is a highly scalable solution that provides 4K60, 4:4:4, HDR on the network. Crestron’s 1GB solution works with any application, any network and any design.

DM NVX routes all information through one secure unit and is the only solution with Pixel Perfect Processing, providing high resolution imagery that delivers the same quality as a direct HDMI source. All audio, control and USB 2.0 run through DM NVX’s encoder/decoder, drastically reducing system costs and adding flexibility. DM NVX eliminates the disruption and costs of running new cabling.

DM NVX utilises 802.1x authentication, AES encryption, and Active Directory technology to create enterprise grade security at the product level, ensuring that the network is secure. When combined with the DM NVX Director network appliance companies are able to configure and deploy thousands of DM NVX units in the time it used to take to configure just one AV device the conventional way.

Crestron Flex

Crestron Flex is the latest unified communications (UC) offering from Crestron, providing a simple and reliable user experience no matter where you are in the world. Crestron Flex is equipped with native support for some of the most popular third-party UC applications including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Zoom. Available in a variety of forms Crestron Flex provides a consistent user experience irrespective of the type or size of space in which they are deployed. All Crestron Flex solutions can be deployed and managed via Crestron’s XiO Cloud platform.

Crestron Flex P-Series:

The Crestron Flex P-Series is Crestron’s first ever voice-over-IP desk phone. Integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructures the Crestron Flex P-Series is able to bring unified collaboration to individual workspaces. The P-Series natively runs Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business with one-touch to join functionality. Users are able to sign in to their Teams or Skype account via the high-resolution 7” touch screen display and access contacts, schedules and voicemails.

The exceptional HD sound quality and intuitive user interface ensures that meetings run without a glitch. The Crestron Flex P-Series is the ideal unified collaboration solution for phone booths, workstations, receptions and executive offices. Each P-Series device can be used with 1-5 people.

Crestron Flex M-Series:

The Crestron Flex M-Series is a SIP conference phone with room scheduling built in. The M-Series provides everything users need to instantly call, present and video conference securely from one table top console. With native support for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and Open UC the M-Series is the perfect unified collaboration solution for huddle rooms, conference rooms and executive offices.

The M-Series is equipped with 360o quad microphones with a range of 20 feet ensuring exceptional audio performance, its isolated acoustics guarantee that remote voices sound as good as the ones in the room. Just like other Crestron Flex solutions the M-Series can be provisioned via Crestron XiO Cloud ensuring that the solution is easy to deploy and manage across multiple rooms.

The M-Series unified collaboration solution has AirMedia 2.0 built in, making wireless presentation simple. The built-in room scheduling software displays a rooms availability and meeting details and the occupancy sensor ensures that usage data is always up to date.

Each M-Series device can be used with up to 20 people.

Crestron Flex B-Series:

The Crestron Flex B-Series is a front of room conference solution which is situated in a wall mounted soundbar. This solution is ideal for small, medium and large conference rooms and executive offices and natively runs Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. The B-Series provides crystal clear speech during calls and its 23ft microphone range is perfect for meetings containing up to 20 people. The B-Series is available with an optional camera, its 4K sensor, ultra-wide angle, auto zoom and people counting enables meetings to be more personable and interactive.

Crestron Flex C-Series:

The Crestron Flex C-Series contains everything businesses need to deliver a flawless meeting experience. The C-Series brings touch control to the enterprise, guaranteeing a consistent and user-friendly experience in every meeting room. With native support for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams large meetings have never been easier.

Users are able to present, call and collaborate effortlessly irrespective of the number of attendees. The onscreen room availability feature details the meeting specifics and lets other users know whether a room has been booked and if so for how long.