Oblong Industries was founded in 2006, their products and solutions are built on the foundational work of their CEO John Underkoffler, a pioneering researcher into spatial computing at the MIT Media Lab. John enlisted by Hollywood’s A-list to visualise the future of the human-computer interface for films such as Minority Report, The Hulk and Iron Man.

Oblong’s flagship product, Mezzanine, brings data sets, workspaces, and communication channels to life across multiple screens in multiple locations. It allows interaction from a number and type of input devices simultaneously, including touchscreens, phones, and tablets. It frees users from sitting in one place, tied to one device, and enables the free flow of teamwork where collaborators can access, share and control content on a fluid visual canvas all at once. Mezzanine is an immersive multi-screen solution that enables teams from all over the world to work efficiently together. The advanced collaboration solution is suitable for rooms of all sizes, from small to medium sized meeting rooms and huddle spaces, to large conference centres. Mezzanine is available in four different sizes enabling organisations to identify the most appropriate solution for their business needs, team configuration and physical space.

Technological Innovations Group (TIG) were appointed as Oblong Industries strategic sales agency for EMEA at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in 2019. If you would like to find out more about their collaborative meeting solutions schedule an appointment with our sales team in one of our experience centres in London, Munich, Oslo, Brussels or Dubai.

Visit Oblong’s website here: www.oblong.com

Mezzanine: where teams and data meet to get work done

Immerse Participants

  • Multi-Screen Interaction – present and share content and video streams across multiple displays and walls.
  • Flexible Screen Configurations – Customise your workspace with a variety of screen configurations.
  • Interactive Canvas – position and size multiple windows of content to customise your view.

Capture Inspiration and Insights

  • Whiteboard Camera – capture ideas from the physical whiteboard into the digital workspace.
  • Annotation – mark up workspace content from an iOS or Android device.
  • Snapshot – Instantly capture workspace content for easy reference or record important moments.

Seamless Content Sharing

  • Wireless Screen Sharing – share your screen wirelessly with the Mezzanine Screencast application.
  • Plug and Play – plug in your laptop for immediate screen-sharing.
  • Content Upload – view presentations and documents by adding graphics and pdfs directly to the workspace at any time.

Unite Distributed Teams

  • Multi-Site Collaboration – join multiple Mezzanine rooms across locations so everyone sees and collaborates in the same workspace.
  • Concurrent Video Inputs – share up to 10 video streams simultaneously including video-conferencing and screen-sharing.
  • Remote Participation – if you can’t be in a room, use Mezz-In from your browser to connect and contribute.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Interact with and add content using the device of your choice (all at the same time).
    • Laptop – web browser
    • Mobile Phone – iOS and Android
    • Tablet – iOS and Android

Control Your Content

  • Grab and Go – download your workspace to review and share after the meeting.
  • Privacy – password protect your workspace.
  • Content Management – save and switch workspaces to streamline meeting transitions and pick up where you left off.