Dec 12, 2023

Celebrating 125 years of seniority!

This year we are celebrating 125 years of seniority between 8 of our TIG-gers!
Please join us in congratulating the following members of staff and colleagues on their impressive career milestone:

Mario Courtout (Prokurist, DACH), Michaela Conati (Residential RSM Italy) and Greg Currie (Residential RSM UK) have a joined work anniversary of no less than 2 decades!
Thank you for giving your 100% over the past two decades. You have been essential to the growth and success of this organization and have demonstrated that you can sail many different waters to arrive ashore): A little travel into time……..

  • Mario started in the marketing department of what was then Crestron Germany to later become the Office Manager. Today his role involves finance, HR and marketing as well as Prokurist. In a recent interview on his time with the company Mario says: “what makes this company so nice to work for is that in my 20 years I have noticed that whether people come and go, the relationship and partnerships with each other is remarkably nice. I love my job as every day is different and there is so much to do”.
  • Michela’s career started in technical support at what was then Crestron Italia. Today Michela is hugely successful in her role as Residential RSM for Italy.
  • Last but not least, Greg who started as an RMA Administrator and proved to have excellent sales skills which led him into sales. Today Greg is extremely successful in his role as Residential RSM for the UK.

The next group of people have 15 years of employment under their belt: Tony Xavier (Assistant to CEO, UK), Jerome Frizet (BDM, France) and Oliver Geffert (Tech Sales DACH).

  • Tony started in finance and has worked himself up to be Robin’s assistant covering events, HR and everything necessary to support the day-to -day challenges of a busy CEO.
    On his time with the company he says: “
    I thoroughly enjoy my job at TIG with its diverse range of opportunities, empowering leadership, and an international team that brings a wealth of perspectives. The motivational atmosphere developed by a very supportive boss – Robin van Meeuwen fosters a can-do approach. This has made each day both challenging and rewarding. Collaborating with colleagues from different nationalities adds an enriching dimension to my work. My years at TIG have given me a diverse experience in finance, sales support management, HR, recruitment, payroll, and most recently Events – thank you Petra. Each experience has provided a clearer perspective on the organization’s dynamics.
  • Jerome joined in a residential Technical Sales role for the South of France. After that he was responsible for both resi and commercial sales both in a BD and RSM role. Today Jerome is an extremely flourishing residential BD for the French/Swiss and Northern African region.
  • Oliver started his career in the internal quoting and Design department for Crestron Germany. He later evolved to become a very talented sales engineer and supports the RSM and BD teams in the DACH region.

Lastly, we are so thrilled to be announcing that both Kristof Van Hof (Accounting Manager, Belgium) and Ivan Vakhnin (RSM Crestron CIS+) both mark 10 years with the company. A decade is a long time, but we hope you’ll be spending many more years with us. Your dedication and hard work are much appreciated.”

Congratulations to all of you!
Time flies by when you’re well-surrounded and we are lucky to have you.
Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do, you’ve helped make this workplace what it is today.

Cheers to your accomplishments!

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