Oct 15, 2020

Technological Innovations Group invites Hoteliers to Try Touchless Tech

Technological Innovations Group (TIG) is inviting hoteliers, interior designers, architects and developers to discover how it can support them as they cater to new consumer habits and a different user experience during and post the Covid-19 pandemic.

TIG is the exclusive EMEA sales agency for premium tech brands that integrate harmoniously with one another to form superior smart spaces. It offers an ecosystem of solutions ranging from touchless control, personalised automation, all-in-one entertainment systems and pioneering videoconferencing solutions. The impressive portfolio includes beautiful control hardware, remote management, Audio-Visual equipment, Unified Communications systems, meeting room booking software and furniture designed for a perfect fit with these technologies to make sleek and stylish smart spaces.

TIG recently opened its London and Frankfurt Experience Spaces, where guests can enjoy a socially-distanced, one-to-one appointment with one of TIG's tech integration experts. Robin van Meeuwen, TIG's CEO, comments: "We believe our new and existing customers deserve a space where they can see first-hand how TIG's portfolio of world-class brands work together seamlessly to form bespoke solutions and create smart spaces that stand the test of time. With our ecosystem, we are able to help clients solve specific challenges today and feel prepared for the future."

TIG's London Experience Space this week featured as the studio for Hotel Designs LIVE, a virtual conference for the hospitality industry. In a case study video, TIG demonstrated how technology from Crestron - the brand which sits at the heart of its ecosystem - was chosen to provide a touch-free yet welcoming guest experience, reassuring the Covid consumer.

Christophe Malsot, TIG's Director of Hospitality, Leisure and Retail in EMEA, explains: "Technology will be a game changer for the hotel industry in a post-pandemic world, and guests will expect to see more user-friendly tech that offers a touchless but still very personalised experience. For instance, the ability to use their own smartphones to check in or out, open their room, control their environment and entertainment, and get in touch with the concierge, all without having to download an app!

"Hotels will need to review their existing service offerings, bearing in mind that the perfect user experience will come from ergonomics. To provide flawless integration, technology systems need to be built into the hotel's design from the very beginning, and having the right networks (Electricity and IP) in place is hugely important for guaranteeing the perfect guest and staff experience."

TIG's ecosystem of hospitality tech solutions includes:

  • Collaboration and automation smart space technology from Crestron
  • Stylish control panels for the hotel and home from Black Nova
  • Remote monitoring and power distribution solutions from GUDE
  • Innovative tools and software from Hoylu for remote collaboration and accessible digital group working
  • Luxury custom switches and sockets from Rhombus Europe
  • Made-to-order furniture from Salamander Designs that fits in perfectly with specific AV products
  • And, most recently, show-stopping energy efficient LED displays from SiliconCore
TIG's CEO Robin van Meeuwen continues: "At TIG, we work hard to push the boundaries of technological integration for smart spaces and, whilst this year has been hugely difficult for the hospitality industry in particular, the current circumstances present an opportunity to consider a solutions-based approach to your current and future needs. There is no ‘one size fits all' so TIG's portfolio includes solutions that complement one another to create bespoke experiences."

All are welcome to book a visit of TIG's new Experience Spaces:

WeWork - Fifth floor
No 1 Poultry

Marienforum - Seventh floor
Mainzer Landstr. 1
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Guests can book their personalised visit with one of TIG's experts by going to: www.tig.eu/events#booking-form.

TIG is committed to adhering to Covid-safety and strict social distancing regulations, and all meetings will be held in private with the most relevant TIG specialist on hand.

For more information, email: sales@tig.eu
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