Jun 23, 2020

TIG's partner Hoylu launches software module for Pull Planning

Technological Innovations Group (TIG), the leading EMEA sales agency for collaborative smart spaces and enterprise communication services, is pleased to support the launch of an integrated module for Pull Planning by its manufacturer partner, Hoylu.

Hoylu is a leader in visual collaboration solutions for distributed teams. Its Pull Planning module is a value-enhancing component of its Connected Workspaces™ online digital whiteboard platform. The new module transforms the workflow by using rules and functions that perfectly fit the precise process involved.

Pull Planning is a technique that is used within the construction and manufacturing industries to manage and co-ordinate projects in a way that reduces material waste and minimises time spent, to generate the maximum amount of value.

Stein Revelsby, CEO at Hoylu, comments: “At Hoylu, we work closely with select customers within large industries to configure modules that are intuitive and easy to use. Construction is an example of an industry that has struggled with digital transformation and still extensively uses analogue whiteboards with paper sticky notes. Many of the software solutions available are made for specialists and aren’t always suitable for effective communication and collaboration. Our Pull Planning module is designed to meet very specific workflow methodologies, containing just what you need for that process. Customers can still use the full potential of Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ to make their own templates and combine with common tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom on any hardware they prefer.”

To mark the launch, Hoylu is hosting a webinar to introduce the new module, on Thursday 25th June at 10am CEST. To register, visit: https://go.hoylu.com/webinar-june25-pull-planning
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