TIG’s Showroom Manager forms part of CEDIA’s Industry Relations Advisory Council

April 23, 2019

Technological Innovations Group’s (TIG) Showroom Manager, Kate Fauset, was invited by the international trade organisation CEDIA to form part of the Industry Relations Advisory Council and attend the opening of their brand-new Indianapolis HQ.

TIG are the exclusive sales agency for Crestron Electronics in EMEA. Kate was invited to attend CEDIA’s Industry Relations Advisory Council as a representative of Crestron.

What is the Industry Relations Advisory Council?

The Industry Relations Advisory Council provides advice and guidance to support CEDIA’s engagement strategy. They create ongoing, relevant and consistent programmes that engage industry partners and foster opportunities for CEDIA members, as well as raising awareness of the home technology industry.

What do the Industry Relations Advisory Council do?

The Industry Relations Advisory Council aims to educate relevant professionals and make them aware that CEDIA is available to guide them through the process of including technology at the start of a project and the best practices to achieve this.

Kate was one of nine experts included on the council which consisted of a mixture of CEDIA staff members, US and UK integrators and manufacturers from the AV and Audio industries. The council’s discussions, which took place over two days, focused on how to effectively build relationships with the design and build community. Technology is becoming increasingly popular throughout the residential market; however, it is often compared with IOT devices and an after-thought on many project’s, the council hopes that by educating interior designers and architects technology experts will be involved at the beginning of a project.

CEDIA also discussed their strategy for the next two years, including how the industry body will utilise CEDIA Outreach Instructors (COIs) globally and take part in industry related events.

Kate’s Thoughts:

“It was interesting to hear the viewpoints of integrators, CEDIA staff members and manufacturers on how each sector reaches out to the design and build community, but also how to help audiences understand that there is an industry for residential technology.

It was useful to see what information had been missing and what we as a business can do to change this, for example, branching out to universities and educating students at the early stages of their careers, as well as providing case studies and CPDs to property developers and interior designers. It is vital that we educate these markets on the importance of including technology at the beginning of a project, end-users are increasingly requesting smart homes with automated shading solutions and lighting control. Developers could be losing sales if this isn’t planned for early enough or isn’t provided at all.”

During Kate’s time in Indianapolis she was given a guided tour of the industry body’s impressive new headquarters, which featured an abundance of Crestron solutions. When visiting CEDIA’s HQ, guests can experience a ‘Home Life’ inside the building, consisting of a dedicated home cinema, an automated bathroom, living spaces with perfectly controlled lighting, shades, audio and video as well as much more control through-out the whole space. The facility also offers boot camp training rooms for visitors to get a truly hands on experience.